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Page One Digest Vol. 1


Page One Digest is a collection of works from writers who live or have lived in the area of Newfoundland between Corner Brook and Woody Point The digest represents life from numerous viewpoints and life styles.





A collection of poetry, prose and folklore from Newfoundland writers on what makes home, family and friendships valuable.



 Love Lust Laughter



This is a collection of serious and humorous poetry and folklore about love, lust and laughter.




A Christmas Journey



  A Christmas collection of poetry stories, essays and traditions from writers in Western Newfoundland.



 One Hungry Gros Morne Moose


A children's book with pictures about a moose and his adventure in Gros Morne.





Individual Books by our authors:






Nellie P. Strowbridge:          




Short Stories: Widdershins 

Stories of a Fisherman's Daughter




Poetry:   Dancing on Ochre Sands


Dancing On Ochre Sands is a book of poetry that celebrates the cycles of life and the human condition: romantic love, the joy of birth, the connections between children, parents and grandparents, as well as adversity, grief and loss.




Shadows of the Heart


A book of poetry about images of shadow that fall across the human landscape of all our lives.


Novels:   Far from Home

Clarissa, eleven, has been orphaned by a disease that has kept her far from home for as long as she can remember. Despite the many inmates in Dr. Grenfell’s Children’s Home on Newfoundland’s northern tip, she lives a lonely life. She longs to be able to do something as simple as pushing her feet into boots in a blink and skipping down the road holding hands with Cora, her best friend.

Catherine Snow

An exotic drama in which one man's mysterious disappearance brings a dark end to three other people. What would it take to destroy an Irish girl who had survived famine and war in Ireland, and a hazardous journey across the Atlantic Ocean, to become a servant-wife on an island where God's truth and the Devil's tale are entwined as tight as the strands of a rope?

Maiden from the Sea

Each day we begin life, not from where we are, but from where we have been. The mind is life’s most seasoned traveller.



Ghost of the Southern Cross

“Your life story didn’t begin with you. It reaches back to the beginning of time. You rose from the bodies of your ancestors. You’re the witness to their existence.”

There is nothing more alive than the sea, nothing more deadly . . .

Nonfiction: The Gift of Christmas

an unforgettable volume of Christmas stories and poetry set in modern-day Newfoundland.

The Newfoundland Tongue

This book highlights Newfoundland’s unique culture and way of life. It explores the province’s history and folklore, with an emphasis on traditional language, dialect, and diction.



Information About Our Books:




Books written by Page One authors


D. Jean Young:




Novel:   Quicksilver Summer


It's a long summer when you're trying to live down a bad reputation in a small town. Jason's awaiting trial for a break and entering he got caught up in when he forgot to think for himself. On his lawyer's advice , he volunteers to help organise the town's festival. Will it make a difference to the judge and townspeople?




Historical Fiction: Pathways Through the Ages


A fictional history of The Janes Family, a Deer Lake Family that might have been. No character reflects any one person in particular but much of what happens and the stories that are told is based on the information gathered through personal interviews, workshops and research. This story traces the lives of Edward and Victoria Janes, their four children, their spouses and friends and other members of the town as the town changes from 1927 to 1957.




Terry Manuel:




Non Fiction: Walking Into Paradise



"Hi, I'm pleased to meet you my man. My name is Frank...or Paradise. You can call me what you like. Because you're not going to be around here much longer to call me anything. I'm the executioner tonight. And now tonight you're going to die."


Fred Stewart: 



Poetry and Prose: This, That and the other thing


  A collection of unique and humorous poetry by the one of a kind man, Fred Stewart.




David Elliot:               



Biography: Sailor White

A biography of the Newfoundland-born WWWF tag team champion in 1981. Wrestler, Edward White AKA: Sailor white

Rudy Campbell: 



Poetry: Alchemist

This volume of poetry explores thoughts on Western and Eastern theosophies on the nature of spirit.






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Thursday 13th


Have you shivered from a draft that shouldn't be there? Have you glimpsed an unreal creature from the corner of your eye? Have you felt the presence of a loved one who has passed away? Thursday 13th tells about such extraordinary experiences felt by ordinary people.

Handbook for Making Your Golden Years Golden

To make our Golden Years Golden, let us enjoy and explore new ideas and ways of living to keep us young and open.


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