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D. Jean Young

Since 1985, D. Jean Young, BA., CFP, has worked with individuals and families from all walks of life to help them create financial independence. She also sets up Group Insurance and Savings Plans for companies. As a broker for major insurance companies and a Fee-For-Service Consultant, she can offer a wide variety of choice.


She is registered as a Chartered Financial Planner with the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning and maintains her membership as a Certified Financial Planner  with the Financial Planners Standards of Canada.


She believes in participating in creating a vibrant community. She has, for example, served three terms as a Town Councillor for Deer Lake, is on the executive of the Grand Lake Centre for Economic Development, has been a Laubach Tutor, a Sunday School teacher and promotes creativity through local, provincial and national writing groups.


David Young

Partner in Spillway Connections, Journeyman Red Seal Electrician, and experienced handyman, provides expert maintenance service for Spillway Connections.

Spillway Connections provides office services, special event hosting, and office and residential rentals.


Selwyn Skiggs 

Office Manager and Marketing Associate, has a background in working with the Department for Works and Pensions with the British Government. His computer and public relations skills enhance the client experience and he provides valuable input to the financial planning process. Since 2013, when he moved to Newfoundland to build and establish his own home, he has been an impressive addition to DJY Financial and Spillway Connections.


Cynthia Fry


acts as a back-up Office Administrator on a call-in basis. Her well-rounded office and people skills serve us well. She served for many years as Town Manager/Clerk with the Town of Cormack. On a part-time basis, she has also assisted the district Member of the House of Assembly.


DJY Financial provides Financial Planning, Insurance and Investment Products.


Each person is unique. DJY Financial treats each client as someone special. For most people, financial independence can become a reality with good planning and informed decision-making. DJY Financial is there to help with that process.


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