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For many years, D. Jean Young (a.k.a. Deborah Hedd) has been writing short stories, non-fiction articles, dramas, poetry and young adult novels. She enjoys research, editing, and working to promote writing, literacy and creativity through local, (Page One) provincial (WANL) and national (TWUC) organizations.

She is especially active in the local writers’ group, Page One, and its sister organizations, Cabbitt Productions and Byrn-out Productions. Cabbitt Productions has published anthologies and Byrn-out Productions publishes individual books from Newfoundland Writers.

Writing Services

  • Writing and editing
  • Research
  • Writing Classes
  • School Visits
  • Workshops
  • Reading Tours

Published Novels

  • Quicksilver Summer
  • Pathway Through the Ages

    Publishing Credits,

    Articles, Poetry & Short Stories

    • The Downhomer
    • JAM
    • Our Family
    • Compleat Mother
    • YOUth Can
    • Her Circle
    • Full Moon


    • Newfoundland Arts and Letters: 3rd Prize Drama
    • Newfoundland Arts and Letters: Honourable Mention Drama


    • Editor for Page One 

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